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Create and edit subtitles for your movies and lyrics for your karaoke songs
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Subtitling is not just for movies – karaoke songs require synchronized lyrics to be of any use, and video presentations can also be enriched by adding dynamic comments or headlines to specific slides. Sayatoo SubtitleMaker counts with all the features and functions that you will ever need to subtitle your favorite movies, karaoke tracks, and video presentations, and whatever other video files that may benefit in one way or another from subtitling.

The entire subtitling process can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Sayatoo SubtitleMaker offers you a plethora of tools that you can use or ignore depending on the level of sophistication that you wish to apply to your project. You can simply load a video file and its corresponding SRT file to subtitle an entire movie in minutes, or you can write your own subtitles or lyrics and sync them manually to the source video using the app’s comprehensive sets of settings. From basic layout and positioning settings to transition effects and lush backgrounds, your subtitles can be as ordinary or as surprisingly stunning as your project requires. Subtitles can be rotated and rolled, zoomed in and out, blurred, degraded, etc. Text lines can be edited either individually or in bulk (case change), and even translated into Chinese if so desired. The program’s main interface includes a timeline that will make the whole process a lot simpler and much more intuitive. Projects can be saved in the app’s proprietary format and opened to produce a “virtual subtitle video” following the output settings of your choice.

Sayatoo SubtitleMaker is clearly a karaoke-oriented subtitle tool that you can actually use to add captions to any video file. Its extensive list of colorful settings and creative effects can also enhance your presentations and add a layer of originality to your subtitled movies. You can download and try this inexpensive software tool (especially if we take into account a lot of features and options it provides) and change completely the idea you had of how a set of subtitles should look like on screen.

Francisco Martínez
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  • WYSIWYG approach
  • Adds creative effects to subtitles
  • Specific settings for karaoke tracks
  • Timeline-based editor
  • Supports common subtitle formats


  • No grammar correction tools
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